Is it true that hair and nails continue to grow after death?


No, they only seem to. What happens is the body dries out after death and the skin recedes from the hair and nails, making it appear as if they are longer. In fact, even though hair is not technically "living," hair and nail cells still need to be nourished by blood in order to grow.

REL 106: midterm examination


1) Bible passage ID (30%): identify the book (Gen–Judg) in which a given passage can be found

2) Terms (40%): identify 10 of 12 terms for which a brief description will be given (a list of all the terms will be provided)

3) Short-answer questions (30%): short-answer questions (more details the better; focus on being able to discuss the main issues covered so far)

For review:

1. Materials covered through week 7 (focus on significant issues in the readings, especially as presented and discussed in class):

2. Sample topics and questions you should be ready to discuss or answer:

Mosaic tradition: be able to list & describe briefly the significant characteristics


Deuteronomistic History


Settlement in Canaan: be able to identify the 3 models, including which books of the Bible support them (know the advantages & disadvantages of each would be great)


monarchy: Samuel tradition, Saul tradition


Davidic tradition: royal theology, Zion theology

questions in Coogan book and online quizzes

3. Highlighted terms on the R-drive