Is it true that hair and nails continue to grow after death?

No, they only seem to. What happens is the body dries out after death and the skin recedes from the hair and nails, making it appear as if they are longer. In fact, even though hair is not technically "living," hair and nail cells still need to be nourished by blood in order to grow.

REL 102: midterm examination

The midterm exam will consist of the following:

1) terms (50%): identify 15 of 18 terms for which a brief description will be given (a list of all the terms will be provided).

2) several short-answer questions (50%): you may be given some options from which to choose (more details the better; focus on being able to discuss the main issues covered so far)

For review:

1. Materials covered through week 7 (focus on significant issues, especially as presented and discussed in class), including:

McGrath chs. 1–3
Be able to discuss the topics listed in the table of contents.

Lewis ch. 1
Know the main arguments for Christianity

sample topics and questions

What were the criteria for deciding which writings would be accepted as canonical?

What is a literal interpretation of the Bible? For whom was or is it important?

What is an allegorical interpretation of the Bible? For whom was or is it important?

How is heresy different from unbelief? How does this understanding of heresy affect the understanding of orthodoxy?

What is the Donatist controversy? What was at stake? How did it conclude?

Who is Augustine, and in what ways has he influenced Christianity?

What is the Christian doctrine of the Trinity?

What critical issue did the Chalcedonian definition address? How are the two "natures" of Christ (not) related?

What does fides quaerens intellectum mean? Whose formula is it and what significance did—and does—it have for Christianity?

2. highlighted terms