REL 102: Quiz 2


1) Terms (60%): identify 10 of 12 terms for which a brief description will be given (a list of all the terms will be provided)


2) Short-answer questions (40%): 4 short-answer questions (more details the better; focus on being able to discuss the main issues covered so far)

e.g., How does McGrath describe or define heresy? How is it different from unbelief? How does this understanding of heresy affect the understanding of orthodoxy?



For review: materials covered through week 7


Quiz 1


McGrath, Intro, chs. 1–9


review the questions at the end of each chapter, from which most of the quiz questions will be taken or modified


e.g., What is meant by the "two books" tradition? How do Aquinas and Luther differ in their understanding of what faith is or involves?


McGrath, Reader: main points of the focus texts mentioned or discussed in class


chapter introductions & the themes in boxes may be very helpful for review


Lewis, bks. 1–3: main points, e.g.,


Book 1: What does Lewis mean by the "law of human nature"?


Book 2: What does Lewis mean on p. 64 when he claims, "We do know that no man can be saved except through Christ; we do not know that only those who know Him can be saved through Him."?


Book 3: How does Lewis think of faith, esp. with respect to reason?


highlighted terms on the R-drive