REL 101: Study Guide 2

Gen 7.1–5; 6.11–22

How many animals did Noah take into his ark? How do we know?



Gen 1–3


What are the similarities & differences between the 2 creation stories in Gen?

What is the overall effect that each story has on the reader?

What is the structure of the creation story in 1.1–2.4a? And in 2.4b–3.24?

What is the main purpose of Gen 1.1–2.4a? Gen 2.4b–3.24?

Which story do you prefer, if any? Why?

What is the significance of the creation of the woman in each account? Which do you find more appealing? Why?

What about the plural in Gen 1.26–27 (cf. Ps 82; Ex 15.11; 1 Kgs 22.19–23)? Cf. Ps 8, 136, 148; Prov 8.22–31; Job 38.