Qs for the Allegory of the Cave




What is the meaning of the fact that, according to the allegory, truth lies outside the cave while we are bound inside the cave?


What does this propose about human perception of reality and the possibility of genuine knowledge?


How does the allegory portray the process of learning truth?


Is the acquisition of genuine knowledge difficult? If so, why?


What conclusions can we draw from this about the process of education?


What objections do you have to Plato’s allegory or the subsequent discussion between Socrates and Glaucon?


What resonates with your experience of learning and experiencing the world?



Socratic method


What is the significance of the fact that Plato recorded his teachings in dialogue form?


What implications does this have for the contents of his philosophy?


E.g., what does the dialogue form suggest about how Plato envisioned the process of education?


How would Plato rate the education you received in your high school in terms of the objects of learning (subject matter) and the manner in which learning took place (teaching & learning methods)?