INQ 111: Quiz 1


1) Terms (60%): identify 10 of 12 terms for which a brief description will be given (a list of all the terms will be provided)

2) Short-answer questions (40%): several short-answer questions



For review:

1. Materials covered through week 4, including the summer reading (focus on significant issues in the assigned readings)

2. Sample questions you should be ready to answer:

1) What is liberal arts education? (e.g., Newman, Shapiro, WC mission statement)

2) How do the following texts interrelate, and how do they relate to some of the goals of Inquiry (N.B.: this assumes your knowledge of some of the goals of Inquiry):

3) What is critical thinking? Why is it important? What 3 texts speak to this issue? How so?

4) What does seeing have to do with epistemology?

3. highlighted terms