Honors INQ 111: Quiz 3


1) Terms (50%): identify 10 of 12 terms for which a brief description will be given (a list of all the terms will be provided)


2) Short-answer questions (50%): several short-answer questions (more details the better; focus on being able to discuss the main issues covered so far)



For review:


1. Materials covered in weeks 8–12 (focus on significant issues, especially as presented and discussed in class)

    NB: for week 12, only the Levitt & Dubner chapter



2. Sample questions you should be ready to answer:


1) What is Freakonomics, and how is it relevant to the themes and goals of Inquiry or a liberal arts education (e.g., the table of contents in the Inquiry textbook)?

2) What is information asymmetry? How is it related to the Genesis text? What are your thoughts on the reality of information asymmetry?

3) What can we learn about knowledge and critical thinking from the articles by Donohue & Levitt and Mueller?

3. highlighted terms on the R-drive