Dr. Robin A. Lind

Dr. Lind

Associate Professor of Music

Patterson Hall, Studio C
Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA 16172 USA
724-946-7278 (Office)

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My research interests include: Choral Pedagogy as it relates to choral music education at the secondary level.  My goal is to develop warm-up exercises, vocal concepts, and repertoire lists that will assist music teachers (even those with minimal experience in choral singing) develop choirs that sing with healthy technique, beautiful tone, good intonation, and energized expression.  I believe that every person can sing with a beautiful voice when given proper instruction.  All choirs can improve their performance when they are taught the basics of: posture, breath control, tone placement, vowel shape and placement, articulation of consonants, and phrasing.  Intonation problems for choirs can be addressed through a variety of attacks: correct pitches, vowel shape, breath support, and unification of vocal elements (vowels, precision of consonants, support, etc.).

Tenacity, intelligence, keen hearing, love of singing, love of choral music, and a passion for working with people are key ingredients to developing beautiful choirs.  The basic elements of choral singing need to be taught, reviewed, and repeated for the lifetime of the director.  Choirs are only as good as the person standing in front of them.  Choirs reflect the muscianship and passion of their conductor. 


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