Accounting Resume Samples

A resume outlining your outstanding qualities, qualifications, and experiences is your first impression on potential employers.  Do it well!

Visit Westminster's Career Center and their website. Westminster has excellent resources to give you a great start!

Your resume for an accounting internship or permanent position may include some items that are not necessary for other fields.  These items include:
1. The number of credits you have earned currently and anticipate earning by graduation due to the fact that to acheive a CPA license, 150 credit hours are required.

2. For an internship, include relevant accounting and business courses to help the employer understand your experience and knowledge in certain subjects.

3. For an internship especially, but also if you have room on a job resume, include relevant projects you have completed and/or presented. This gives recruiters something to talk with you about in an interview.

4. Do NOT include any high school activities (except perhaps Eagle Scout or equivalent designation).

5. Do NOT include anything that reflects political prejudices.

6. DO include leadership positions!

7. DO quantify - dollar figures of budgets and revenue, number of clients, hours spent (if appropriate).

8. Spell everything correctly and do NOT use abbreviations if possible.

9. If you know the employer that the resume is being submitted to, make your objective specific to that employer.

10. If possible, keep resume to ONE PAGE. Be concise, but complete. Recruiters will look at your resume for about 15-30 seconds!

Following are some resume samples.  These are not set-in-stone, perfect, copy-exactly-as-they-are resumes.  These are just suggestions for how you might lay-out your resume and the types of items you might include.  ALWAYS have your resume reviewed by the Career Center or another trusted advisor!

Accounting Internship Resume Samples:
Internship Resume Sample 1
Internship Resume Sample 2
Internship Resume Sample 3

Accounting Permanent Position Resume Samples:
Job Resume Sample 1
Job Resume Sample 2
Job Resume Sample 3