Biology 101 - Concepts of Biology – A course for the non-science major.

Biology 106 - Human Biology – A course designed to introduce students to the workings of the human body.

Biology 201 - Foundations of Biology I – Introductory course for biology and molecular  biology majors.  Emphasis on biochemistry, cell structure and function, metabolism, genetics and biotechnology.

Biology 202 - Foundations of Biology II – Introductory course for biology and molecular biology majors.  Emphasis on plant and animal form and function  and evolution.

Biology 203 - Foundations of Biology III – Introductory course for biology and molecular biology majors.  Emphasis on biodiversity and ecology. 

Biology 334 - Physiology – An advanced study of the physiology of cells and animals.

Biology 434 - Neurobiology – This course is an exploration of advanced topics in the field of neurobiology, including cellular communication, sensory systems and integrating systems.

Biology 520/521 - Biology Travel Course - A combination of on-campus study, with off-campus study in a natural setting. A course entitled Natural History of Chile was offered during the Spring 2010 semester. This course involved a study of the biodiversity and ecology of Chile, including a 3 week trip through the northern part of the country (between Arica and Santiago) to experience the altiplano, Pacific coast and Atacama desert.

Biology 601/602 – Biology Capstone – A two-course sequence emphasizing biological discovery and the synthesis of knowledge and skills from previous courses in the major.