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Endrizzi, C. Klassen (June 2008).  Becoming Teammates: Teachers and Families as Literacy Partners.  Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Klassen-Endrizzi, C. with K. Tarka.  (Summer 2005).  Honoring Parents’ Questions:  Room 2A’s Family-Teacher Literacy ConversationsOhio Journal of English Language Arts, 45(2),

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Klassen, C.R.  (1993).  Content area literature discussions: Exploring the "Color of Peace."  In K.M. Pierce & C. Gilles (Eds.), Cycles of Meaning: Exploring the Potential of Talk in Learning Communities (pp. 236-259).Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

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Manuscripts Submitted for Publication

Klassen Endrizzi, C.  (2009).  It’s About Time: Uncovering the Value of Students’ First Literacy Partners.  Submitted for review to The Reading Teacher, International Reading Association.
Klassen Endrizzi, C.  (2009).  Family Literacy Gatherings: Dig into Writing.  Lesson plan submitted to Readwritethink.org, August 2009.  Revising to re-submit for Readwritethink.org Professional Development site. 


Klassen Endrizzi, C.  (June 2010).  Families Matters: Building Connections Across Home and School Literacy Lives Through Family Stories.  WOW Currents.  www.WOWlit.org.   Worlds of Words.





Research Grants and Inquiries (current listing)


2008-10 Family Message Journals, $340.  Westminster College Drinko Center Faculty Research Award.  Co-researchers –Pam Redfoot, Emileigh Drylie (student teacher – Fall 2009), Alicia Anderson, Anne DiDesiderio, Joanna Gay, Jennifer Muldowney, Tasha Pascarella, Alisa Tizio, Janet Whippo (Reading Specialist Graduate students – Spring 2010).
2008 Wild About Words, Family literacy night.  Funded by Title I Program, Wilmington Area Schools, New Wilmington, PA.  Spring semester 2008.  Participants – Title I K-4th teachers, Wilmington Area Schools and 33 Education 303 Preservice teachers.   
2004-05 Watto Faculty Research Award, $2000. Westminster College Faculty Development Committee award. Teacher writing group with 2 graduate students.  Writing book for classroom teachers on building Home-School Partnerships entitled Becoming Teammates: Teachers and Families as Literacy Partners. 
2004 Talking About Science, $710.  Westminster College Faculty Development Committee Research Fund.  Wilmington Area Middle School, New Wilmington, PA.  Co-researcher – George Endrizzi.  Participants - 28 Westminster College Education 303 Preservice teachers. 
1999-2003 Read to Succeed, $125,000.  Pennsylvania Department of Education literacy grant.  Funded through Butler Area Schools, Petersville Elementary (pseudonym), Butler, PA.  Co-researchers - Diana Duncan, Sherry Sabo, Mary K. Davis, Pat Fischer, Tamila Richmond.

School-College Collaborations

2007-09 Family Literacy Nights.  New Wilmington Elementary School, New Wilmington, PA.  Collaborated with 7 Title I teachers.  February 2007, March 2008. Collaborated with 2nd grade teacher. Included preservice teachers in Education 303 reading methods course. 
2004 Talking About Science.  Wilmington Area Middle School, New Wilmington, PA.  Collaborated with George Endrizzi, 6th grade classroom teacher & Westminster College preservice teachers enrolled in Education 303 reading methods course. 
1999-2003 Read to Succeed Practicum.  In conjunction with Elementary Education block methods students and graduate Reading Specialist graduate students.  Teaching assistants at Connoquenessing Elementary, Butler, PA. in After School Program and Summer School Program.  Cadre of 9 Connoquenessing elementary teachers.
1997-present Elementary Block Practicum.  In conjunction with undergraduate Elementary Education block methods education courses.  Established elementary through middle school sites throughout Lawrence, Mercer and Butler counties. Cadre of 70+ classroom teachers, including Westminster College Graduate Reading Specialist students. 
1995-2001         Multicultural Children's Authors and Illustrators. Joseph Bruchac - 2001 with Artman Elementary, Hermitage, PA., Virginia Hamilton - 2000 with Sharon City Schools, Sharon, PA. and Youngstown City Schools, Youngstown, OH., Pat Mora - 1999 with Neshannock Elementary, New Castle, PA., James Ransome - 1998 with Reynolds School District, Greenville, PA., Arnold Adoff - 1997 with Wilmington Area Middle School, New Wilmington, PA., Ann Jonas - 1996 with Mohawk Elementary, Bessemer, PA., and Vera B. Williams - 1995 with Wilmington Elementary, New Wilmington, PA.  Jointly funded by Westminster College Diversity Symposium, Kappa Delta Pi, Department of Education and regional school districts.