Oboe experience

In addition to economics, I have a strong interest in the oboe.

My teachers: Charles S. Nutick (Sousa Band and Navy Band), Janet Mascaro (Florida Symphony, now Orlando Philharmonic), Bobby Taylor (Nashville Symphony), and (currently) James Gorton (Pittsburgh Symphony). Also, occasional lessons with Roger Lord, Michael Winfield (both London Symphony), and John de Lancie (Philiadelphia Orchestra)

Amateur orchestra playing (1st oboe): Stetson University Orchestra, Vanderbilt University Orchestra, New Orleans Civic Symphony, Tampa Oratorio Society, Saskatoon Philharmonic.

Professional orchestra playing (1st oboe): Daytona Beach Municipal Band, Florida Symphony (occasional), Nashville Symphony (occasional).

In college, I was offered the ongoing position of 2nd oboe of the Florida Symphony, but turned it down to continue my economics studies.

After a hiatus, I am playing once again, and recently bought a new Rigoutat oboe, model J.

Note: John de Lancie the oboist was father of John de Lancie the actor, who is perhaps most famous for his role as Q on Star Trek, the Next Generation.