Brief Curriculum Vitae

David O. Cushman

McKee Professor of Economics and Business, Westminster College, PA, USA
Visiting Professor of Business (nonresident), Oxford Brookes University, UK
Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Saskatchewan, Canada


M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1977, 1980.
B.A., Stetson University, 1973 (magna cum laude).


Regular positions:

Westminster College (2006-         )
University of Saskatchewan (1992-2007)
University of South Florida (1987-1992)
University of New Orleans (1978-1985)

Visiting positions:

Oxford Brookes University (nonresident, 2010-         )
Westminster College (2005-2006)
Vanderbilt University (1986-1987)
University of North Carolina (1985)


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• 1983: “Making It Financially in South Louisiana Presbytery: An Analysis of Ministerial Salaries,” Presbytery of South Louisiana (October), 14 pp.


48 at conferences, universities, and research institutions since 1981.


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