Packing list suggestions

The following should be packed in your carry-on.

One carry-on should be a book bag size backpack or messenger bag.  You might consider small suitcase locks as pickpocket deterrents for this back pack.

1.      Your computer and its charger

2.      Your ipad, your ipod, camera and any other similar device, and their chargers, and any cables needed to connect to other devices

3.      Several portable USB drives, we think it’s better to have several small storage devices (2-4 GB) rather than one large one (16-64 GB)

4.      Two photocopies of your passport, and extra one for your travels and one to leave at your host’s home

5.      Your US driver’s license for identification purposes if your passport is lost

6.      Extra batteries for your camera – consider rechargeable ones and bring the charger.

7.      UK power adapter - There’s a difference between a converter and an adapter.  A converter converts the voltage of the electrical current.  An adapter allows you to plug in your appliance to the electrical socket.  The LARGE thingy on your computer power cord is the converter, so your computer doesn’t need a converter.  Large thingies on other electrical appliances are probably converters.  For example, my electric toothbrush has a converter on the plug itself.  Hairdryers do NOT work with a converter.  You will need to buy or borrow a hairdryer in England.

8.      4 months worth of any prescription medicine you use. Be sure you know the brand name and any generic name of the medicine

9.      Extra contacts if you wear them and/or extra pair of glasses

10.   Money belt

11.   An empty water bottle to be filled after you’ve cleared the TSA security screens.

12.   A few snacks such as granola bars


You will also need

1.      An inexpensive calculator.  We suggest one from the TI-30 series unless you already own a similar one.

2.      Comfortable walking shoes

3.      If you carry a purse, at least one should have zippered closings (avoid wristlets they are easy to cut)

4.      One to two weeks’ worth of personal hygiene supplies packed in heavy plastic ziplock type bags.  Almost every brand is available in the UK and while it is more expensive there, liquids are heavy.  You’ll need to decide if carrying the weight is worth it.

5.      Shower flip-flops, sleeping t-shirt and boxer shorts (or the like), carrying bag for toothbrush, shampoo, soap, etc. for your cheap bathroom-down-the-hall hostels dorm room out of London travel trips.  I use a zippered lingerie washing bag with a shoelace strung through it to hang it on a hook.