Cluster Info and Detail  MTH 135 (IP –QR), GEO 101


Cluster Name: Peoples, Places, and Data:   Understanding a World of Information

This cluster of World Geography and Concepts of Statistics is intended to give the student the opportunity to gain an introductory level understanding of the world in which we live while also developing an understanding of and ability to apply statistical tools and concepts.  Students will learn how to aggregate data from reliable sources and analyze that data to provide clear answers to properly posed statistical questions about human and physical geography.  Open your eyes to a world of understanding.



MTH 135 Concepts of Statistics (4 SH).  An introduction to the concepts of statistics.  Topics include graphical and numerical summaries of data, confidence intervals and significance tests about hypotheses. Emphasis is placed on conceptual understanding and interpretation of data and statistics. Not available to students who have credit for BA/ECO 220, PSY 201, SSC 251, BIO 206. A laptop is needed for this course in London.

No prerequisite.   QR – IP credit


Students should download the Significance Magazine app.


GEO 101 World Geography(4 SH).  This course in world geography is designed to give the student the opportunity to gain an introductory understanding of the nature of geographic study, the physical planet on which we live, and the multiple ways people have organized themselves culturally, economically, politically, and physically across the globe.  For WC in London 2013, particular attention will be paid to the geography of cities, specifically our “home” city, London.  Visit the Royal Geographic Society and the Observatory at Greenwich (home of the Prime Meridian!).

No prerequisite.  Elective credit


Unclustered Courses:


HIS 105 America to 1877 (4 SH). This course covers the birth of America in Europe, and traces

the development of a new society based on the encounter of three major cultures: the red, the white, and the black. The course includes a detailed examination of the American Revolution, the creation of a new nation under the Constitution, westward expansion, Jacksonian democracy, sectionalism, slavery, economic development, changes in family and women’s roles, Romanticism, religion, reform, and the Civil War.  For WC in London 2013, particular attention will be paid to the British role and influence in early US history.

No prerequisite.   HC – IP credit


CS 103 Information Technology (4 SH). An introduction to computer tools and techniques for the organization, processing, and presentation and communication of information. Topics may include spreadsheets, design of World Wide Web pages, Web 2.0 tools and other software. Some attention will be given to foundational concepts, elementary programming and the use of a computer operating system, to provide a basis for understanding the tools and techniques covered in the course. This course is directed to the career goals of non-majors. Not available to students who have credit for CS 151.  The history of computing, computing during WWII (including the Enigma Machine) and field trips to the British Museum will be incorporated into the 2013 WC in London section of this course.

No prerequisite.   Elective credit


MTH 124 Mathematical Perspectives II (2 SH). This course continues the development of concepts and skills that will enable students to interpret and reason with quantitative information.  Please see Dr. C. Cuff if you wish to take this course in London PRIOR to registration for the course.

Prerequisite: a C- or higher in MTH 110 or 131 or 135 or appropriate advanced credit.