Guided Reading for The Western Traditions.

Find the answer to each of these questions as it is given in the textbook before moving on to the next question. Some answers, drawn from the textbook alone, will be rather simplistic. They can, and should, be elaborated upon as your knowledge of the subject grows. It is part of the Guided Reading assignments that student should ASK as well as answer questions.

The symbol (*) after a question indicates that these might be used for longer essays in your quizzes.

Pages 125 - 140:

  1. What is the central difference between the anti-Judaism of the ancient world and the anti-Semitism of the modern world?

  3. What was held in Dresden in 1882?

  5. What is the correct full name of Adolph Hitler's Nazi party?

  7. How is the Holocaust referred to in Hebrew?

  9. What are Yom HaShoah and Yad Vashem?

  11. What is the Aleppo Codex?

  13. When did the Jewish state of Israel come into to being? (*)

  15. What proportion of Israeli citizens are Arab (Muslims)? (*)

  17. What sort of coffins are normally used by Israeli Jews?

  19. What is the Kaddish, and what is intriguing about it?

  21. What does “sitting shiva” mean?

  23. Why does one break a glass at the end of a Jewish wedding?


Additional Notes: