Guided Reading for The Western Traditions.

Find the answer to each of these questions as it is given in the textbook before moving on to the next question. Some answers, drawn from the textbook alone, will be rather simplistic. They can, and should, be elaborated upon as your knowledge of the subject grows. It is part of the Guided Reading assignments that student should ASK as well as answer questions.

The symbol (*) after a question indicates that these might be used for longer essays in your quizzes.

Pages 91 - 98:


  1. What, according to the text, was completed in the sixth century of the Christian era? What is this?

  3. What is the “Septuagint”? When did it originate?

  5. What was one consequence of the diffusion of Greek culture by Alexander the great? (*)

  7. Who were the Ptolemies and the Seleucids?

  9. What is reflected in certain chapters of the book of Daniel as well as in the books of Maccabees? (*)

  11. What is recalled by the annual holiday of Hanukkah?

  13. In what did the Pharisees believe, in which the Sadducees did not believe? (*)

  15. When was the second Temple in Jerusalem destroyed?

  17. What, according to the text, is often overlooked by scholars?

  19. What happened to the idea of an anointed King by Hellenistic times? (*)

  21. To which sects did the majority of Jews in late antiquity belong?

  23. There is evidence that what was acceptable to much of the Jewish population from the pre-exilic period? (*)


Additional Notes: