Guided Reading for The Western Traditions.

Find the answer to each of these questions as it is given in the textbook before moving on to the next question. Some answers, drawn from the textbook alone, will be rather simplistic. They can, and should, be elaborated upon as your knowledge of the subject grows. It is part of the Guided Reading assignments that student should ASK as well as answer questions.

Pages 312 – 320:

The symbol (*) after a question indicates that these might be used for longer essays in your quizzes.


  1. What was true of the majority of people kidnapped from the coast of Senegal, Niger, and the Sudan as slaves?

  3. Who were Elijah Poole and Wallace D. Fard? (*)

  5. Why do African-American Muslims sometimes refer to themselves as Bilalians?

  7. Who can be thought of as the first Muslim missionary in America?

  9. When was the first masjid (mosque) built in the US?

  11. What significant restrictions does the Qur’an place upon polygyny (that is, having multiple wives)?

  13. What does the Qur’an stipulate regarding women’s property?

  15. What does the Qur’an say about the hijab, or veiling of women?

  17. Why do most US Muslim groups not discuss issues of gender and sexual diversity?

  19. How does education affect views on diversity?

  21. What is a fatwa?

  23. What is important if future Muslims are to remain active in the West?


Additional notes: