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Roger Corless

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Building on Eliade's MAgnificent Failure

Roger Corless

This is a reworking of an article first published in the journal Religion in 1993 (no. 23, pp. 373-377). Corless' original article was specifically a review of Essential Sacred Writings from around the World (previously From Primitives to Zen) and of The Eliade Guide to World Religions, the one-volume distillation of the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Religions. This article remains one of the most pointed and succinct statements of some of the problems of the scholarly reaction to Eliade's work, specifically in the religious studies classroom. It concludes that "Eliade's lifework was a failure, but it was a magnificent and invaluable failure" (373). Professor Corless has been invited to extend his article, adding further comment and explanation to some of his observations and conclusions.

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