CS341 Artificial Intelligence
Spring 2015


Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Russell and Norvig


The objective of this course is to survey some of the important areas of artificial intelligence. The rational agent approach will drive our study of this topic. This approach views the major goal of AI as the creation of rational agents which interact with their environment in a same manner that a rational human being would. Throughout the course we will examine the components of a rational agent and the various approaches which can be used to produce rational behavior. In addition, we will consider methods which allow agents to learn and improve their behavior.




  1. Homework 1. Due Jan. 21
  2. Homework 2. Due Feb. 2
  3. Homework 3. Due Feb. 13
  4. Homework 4. Due March 18
  5. Homework 5. Due March 27
  6. Homework 6. Due May 1


  1. Project 1. Due Feb 18
  2. Project 2. Due March 6
  3. Project 3. Due April 17


  1. Exam 1: Feb. 20
  2. Exam 2: April 1
  3. Final: May 4, 8:00 AM