Joseph M. Balczon 

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Biology 

Westminster College 

New Wilmington, PA  16172

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Ph.D. Ecology - The Pennsylvania State University - May 1995.

M.S. Ecology - The Pennsylvania State University - May, 1991

B.S. Biology - The Pennsylvania State University at Erie, The Behrend College - 1987.



I am interested in all aspects of ecology, however, my research interests lie primarily in microbial ecology. I have experience working with microbial communities from both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, although the bulk of my work involves aquatic microbial communities. I am interested in the effects of microbes on the structure and function of the ecosystems in which they are found. I have utilized a variety of experimental techniques to investigate the importance of microbes in ecosystems, including manipulating densities of specific guilds of microbes in artificial communities and by altering the physical environments of microbes by introducing toxic stressors. My most recent work has focused on feeding effects.  Specifically, I want to know how ciliated protozoa may affect the structure of benthic algal communities, and how zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) feeding activity affects the structure and function of benthic microbial communities.

Also, I am involved in a long-term assessment study of a local stream, the Little Neshannock Creek.  I am monitoring the stream for coliform bacterial denisities and for macroinvertebrate richness and abundance.  The stream receives agricultural and municipal wastewater inputs, and soon will receive groundwater contributions from septic systems that will be associated with a new 80 dwelling housing development. 


Community Ecology 


Plant Science


Biology of Populations and Communities 

Pollutant Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems 

Ecosystem Management

Environmental Problem Solving 

Problem Analysis in Environmental Science 

Foundations of Biology I and II

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Research Interests


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