Selected Animals and Plants of Belize, Central America
Margay Jaguar Jaguarundi
Puma Ocelot Coatimudi
Bat Gibnut (paca, agouti) Kinkajou
Manatee Dolphin Peccary
Tapir Tamarin Black Howler Monkey
Spider monkey Marmoset
Toucan King Vulture Jabiru Stork
Parrot Parakeet Scarlet macaw
Tinamou Cormorant Pelican
Red-footed booby Magnificent frigatebird
Roseate spoonbill Boat-billed heron Great egret
Spiny-tailed iguana Green iguana Red-eyed tree frog
Green snake Boa constrictor Fer-de-lance
Basilisk Anole Gecko
Tarantula Scorpion Leaf-cutting ants
Termites Termite nest Fire worm
Fire coral Brain coral and star coral
Orchid Orchid Orchid
Palm tree Palmetto