Physics 142: Foundations of Physics

Westminster College

Spring 2014


Jan. 14Interactions of Electric Charges Lab. 1
Jan. 21 Simulating electric potentials Lab. 2
Jan. 28Simple DC circuits
Simple DC circuits-Background
Lab. 3
Feb. 4Simple DC circuits cont.
Feb. 11Variable Voltages Lab
Lab. 4
Feb. 18Charge to mass ratio for an electron Lab. 5
Feb. 25AC circuit demonstrations (motors, transistor, induced current, LRC circuits.)
Mar. 4No Lab
Mar. 11Spring Break
Mar. 18Ray optics Lab. 6
Mar. 25Optical Systems Lab. 7
Apr. 1Diffraction and Interference demonstrations
Apr. 8No Lab
Apr. 15Photoelectric, Photovoltaic effectLab. 8
Apr. 29Radioactive Decay Lab. 9