Physics 141: Foundations of Physics

Westminster College

Fall 2013


Date Description Documentation
Aug. 27Measurement Lab. 0
You will need this discussion of measurement uncertainty and propagation of error.
Sept. 3Introduction to Motion Lab. 1
Sept. 10Vector Addition Lab. 2
Sept. 17Projectile Motion
Note:You will need to bring paper to take take notes, record measurements, and make calculations on.
Lab. 3
Sept. 24Force and Acceleration Lab. 4
Oct. 1Circular Motion Lab. 5
Oct. 8Work and Energy Lab. 6
Oct. 15Momentum
Video Analysis Tips in LoggerPro
Lab. 7
Oct. 22Static Equalibrium Lab. 8
Oct. 29No Lab, Monday Schedule
Nov. 5Fluids Lab. 9
Nov. 12ThermalLab. 10
Nov. 19Breath
Nov. 26Period of an Oscillating object Lab. 11
Dec. 3Velocity of 1-D waves Lab. 12