Michael E. Aleprete Jr.

Professor Aleprete teaches a wide range of International Relations and Comparative Politics courses for the College. He completed his undergraduate degree at Duquesne University and earned his Masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. Trained in the areas of international conflict, international relations theory, and the comparative politics of the former Soviet Union, Dr. Aleprete's research interests include, the "democratic peace," third party interventions in war, U.S. and Russian foreign policy, nationalism, peacekeeping and Canadian foreign policy.His writings have appeared in a variety of publications including the Journal of International Relations and Development, Democracy and Security, The Russian Review, and The American Review of Canadian Studies. Dr. Aleprete has held positions at several liberal arts colleges before coming to Westminster. A native of Pittsburgh, he currently lives in Ellwood City, PA with his wife and son.

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E-mail: alepreme@westminster.edu

Office Phone: (724) 946-7254