Learning Center

Mrs. Sarah K. (Sally) Huey has served as as teacher in the Learning Center since 1989, and as Director since 1992. She holds a bachelor of arts in Elementary Education as well as a Master of Education from Westminster College. Sally resides in New Wilmington with her husband, Darwin, and their two daughters, Bethany and Rachel.

The Learning Center is open for students who need assistance to improve their academic performance. The Center and its staff are located in the newly renovated Thompson-Clark building.

The staff also assists the faculty by developing skills within their students that enable them to succeed in their specific disciplines. The Teaching Assistants, many of whom are among Westminster's exceptional students, are prepared to help students identify strengths and weaknesses in reading and writing skills, strategies for improving these skills, and specific assistance in almost any class offered.

Mrs. Roman (Evann) Garrison is a writing instructor who works with students in the Learning Center.

Please contact the Learning Center at ext. 6700 with any questions, comments, or special requests.