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Recording Your Internal Greeting

Callers from Inside your organization hear your internal greeting.

To record your internal greeting:
  1. While logged in to Voice Messaging, press 8 - 2.
  2. Press 2 for internal greeting.
    • If you want to hear the current greeting, press 2.
  3. Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone before you start speaking.
  4. Press pound to end the recording.
  5. When you have finished recording, you can play the greeting, rerecord it, delete it, or exit.
    • To play the greeting you recorded, press 2.
    • To rerecord the greeting, press 5 while at the beginning of the greeting. Record the new greeting and press pound to end the rerecording.
    • To delete the greeting, press 7 - 6 at the greeting.
    • To exit press 4.