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Personal Distribution List

A distribution list saves you time when you are sending a message to a group of addresses. In Personal Distribution Lists, you can add, delete, and search for numbers. System Distribution Lists are supplied by your system administrator.

To create a personal distribution list (You can create up to 9 personal distribution lists, each containing up to 99 entries.)
  1. While logged in to Voice Messaging, press 8 - 5.
  2. Enter a number from 1 to 9 to identify this list, then press the pound sign.
  3. Press 5 to create the list.
  4. Enter the first address (mailbox number, name address,...), then press the pound sign. To delete a number or name after you entered it, press 0 - pound.
  5. When the list is complete, press pound.
To play, edit, or delete a personal distribution list:
  1. Press 8 - 5.
  2. Enter the distribution list number, then press pound.
    • Press 2 to play the list.
    • Press 5 to add numbers. Enter each number, then press pound. When the list is complete, press pound.
    • Press 6 to find a number in the list. Enter the number, then press pound. If the number is in the list, you can delete it by pressing 7 - 6. You can restore it by pressing 7 - 6 again immediately after deleting it.
    • To exit, press 4.