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Playing Your Message

Your phone may have a message-waiting light to indicate new messages, or you may hear a special dial tonewhen you pick up the handset. When you play your messages, new messages play first, followed by previously played messages.

To play your message:
  1. After logging in, listen for the mailbox summary.
  2. Listen to the first message envelope, or go to Step 3. (If you have an auto play feature, your messages will play automatically.)
  3. Press 2 to play the message. While the message or its envelope is playing, you can perform these functions.
    • To skip back, press 1.
    • To skip forward, press 2.
    • To play the message faster, press 2 - 3; to play the message slower, press 2 - 1.
    • To pause, press the pound sign. To continue, press 2.
    • To go to the next message, press 6.
    • To go to the previous message, press 4.
    • To play the message envelope, press 7 - 2.
    • To go to a specific message, press 8 - 6, "the message number", and the pound sign.
    • To delete a message, press 7 - 6. You can restore a deleted message (within a current session only) by pressing 7 - 6 again.