Job Title:
AV Support Technician

Gary Swanson
Hours per Week:
Up to 15

Contact Information
Gary Swanson
phone: (724) 946-7715

Job Begins
Fall, 2014

This particular position is responsible for assisting users of the presentation technology circulated and permanently installed across campus, ensuring that it runs efficiently with as much convenience to faculty and patrons as possible. This position provides both phone and in-room troubleshooting support to assist with general smart classroom and presentation technology maintenance campus-wide. The AV Support Technician covers “on-call” hours for scheduled events, and reports to the Instructional Media Technician of Audio Visual Services.

You do not need prior experience, but do need motivation for learning about presentation technology and a passion for excellent customer service. The position enhances technical, communication, collaboration, scheduling, and computer skills. It also provides considerable occasions to develop interpersonal abilities, leadership, management, planning, and problem solving skills, as well as sharpen professionalism and self-confidence. Introductory training starts broad and provides a progressionary path to eventually move into a manager’s role.

Special Requirements:
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