Job Title:
Assistant Purchasing Manager

Gary Swanson
Hours per Week:
Up to 15

Contact Information
Gary Swanson
phone: (724) 946-7715

Job Begins
Fall, 2014

This position assists the AV Purchasing Manager with coordinating and tracking AV purchases for departments and programs campus-wide. This position tracks office supplies, billing information, inventory amounts, balance purchases, and performs other related tasks. Introductory training starts broad and provides a progressionary path to eventually move into the manager’s role.

The Assistant Purchasing Manager assists in maintaining various budgets and providing monthly and annual reports. The person filing this position must be able to communicate effectively with various company representatives, college administrators, faculty, and students. This position improves computing skills, provides familiarity with various tracking software programs, develops networking skills and offers extensive experience with ordering and purchasing processes.

Special Requirements:
Learn more and apply here: You can also contact our current Purchasing managers Alexandria Ott ( and Amanda Muraca ( for further information.