Job Title:
Assistant Public Relations Manager

Gary Swanson
Hours per Week:
Up to 15

Contact Information
Gary Swanson
phone: (724) 946-7715

Job Begins
Fall, 2014

This position is very involved in promotion of AV resources and services to the campus and community. This person works directly with the Public Relations Manager, helping to coordinate and promote ongoing departmental outreach as well as annual events like AV Week, Homecoming, URAC and other campus events. Introductory training starts broad and provides a progressionary path to eventually move into the manager’s role.

The position enhances communication, collaboration, scheduling, social media and computer skills. It also provides considerable occasions to develop interpersonal abilities, writing, design, leadership, management, planning, and problem solving skills, as well as sharpen professionalism and self-confidence. It is a great opportunity for anyone considering a position in public relations, graphic design or print publications.

Special Requirements:
Learn more and apply here: You can also contact our current PR managers Emily Moorhead ( and Savanna Adams ( for further information.