Advancement/Development - Phonathon
Job Title:
Westminster Fund Phoanthon Ambassador

Amber Scalfari
Hours per Week:
3 - 12

Contact Information
Amber Scalfari
phone: (724) 946-6997

Job Begins
September 23, 2013

Assist in fundraising efforts for the College's annual fund, the Westminster Fund. While on the phone, student callers engage alumni by sharing the current campus news, update alumni biographical information, and ask for donations to the Westminster Fund Scholarship and other annual restricted designations. Other duties include but are not limited to clerical work, data entry, assistance with some direct mailings and occasional assistance with other annual fund projects as needed.

Apply effective verbal communication skills. Speak clearly. Listen well. A degree of intuition is helpful. Students are expected to work well independently and with others. Applicants should be considerate, dependable, hard-working, and possess a positive attitude. Applicants must be comfortable asking for donations!

Special Requirements:
REQUIREMENTS: An interview must be set up and completed before hire. All required paperwork (Phonathon Profile, Schedule, and Confidentiality Forms and Business Office Payroll Papers) needs to be complete prior to beginning work. One night of training is required. Training Days are September 16-19.