Stage Crew (Orr)
Job Title:
technical assistant

paula ferguson
Hours per Week:

Job Begins
September '13

In charge of upkeep of all lighting equipment, including bench focus, cleaning, and repair. Hang and focus of show plot Keep house plot updated when no production is occurring. Keep inventory of all lamps, connectors, etc. Upkeep of hanging fabric Set-up and run any number of recitals, concerts, lectures, special events. Apply working knowledge of sound, lighting and house management Responsible for Music Department property including shells, percussion equipment, pianos

Strong work ethic and self-motivation. ┬ĚStrong leadership skills, or the willingness to improve leadership skills. ┬ĚPrior knowledge in sound and/or lighting is helpful, but not required. Willingness to learn.

Special Requirements:
None. All work done in Orr can be taught on site. Just know that if a student employee is assigned to an event they often work the event alone or with another student employee. Supervisor is able to be contacted but sometimes unable to be on campus.