Student Affairs - McKelvey Info Desk
Job Title:
Information Desk Student Staff

Gina Vance
Hours per Week:

Contact Information
Gina Vance
phone: (724) 946-7114

Job Begins

Attend the Information Desk during established hours. Assist WC guests with questions, direction, and information regarding campus events. Show the Mueller movies each weekend according to the schedule established by CPC. Collaborate with Public Safety to maintain safety and security of the Campus Center. Unlock conference room doors, check out game room equipment, and collect lost and found items. Maintain a clean and organized office space at the Info Desk.

Must be dependable and will to work autonomously. Very few positions will be vacated and preference will be given to current first-year and sophomore students. Returning staff does not need to submit an application.

Special Requirements:
Please send a brief one-paragraph response indicating why you are best candidate for the Info Desk staff via email to Gina Vance by Monday, April 8. In addition to the email, please include the name and contact information of 2 work references.