Swanson named to lead CCUMC Subcommittee

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gary Swanson, Director of Audio Visual Services at Westminster College, has a true passion for all things AV, whether it is on campus, in a casual discussion about educational technology, or on a stage in front of a large audience. Recognizing his commitment to excellence and service, Swanson has been appointed Chair of the Small Institutions Interest Group for the Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC). The special interest group is comprised of CCUMC member colleges and universities with less than 4,000 full-time enrolled students.

Swanson's tenure as chair will include participation in the CCUMC conference in Seattle, Washington October 15-19, 2014 in which he will direct any scheduled proceedings for the Small Institutions Interest Group as well as guiding and directing the groups' online forum throughout the months ahead.

"The strength of CCUMC has always been the sharing of information between individuals and institutions," Swanson shared.  "The organization provides sound leadership and a forum for information exchange to over 750 members. I have tremendous regard for, and have directly benefitted from the collective intelligence of the consortium for nearly two decades, and to have the opportunity to give something back in a role like this, particularly for institutions similar to Westminster in the membership, is a tremendous honor and privilege."

Swanson has been with Westminster since 1990 as the Director of Audio Visual Services, heading a dynamic academic support operation that oversees all college purchased academic presentation technology and media resources, including research, production, promotion, support, and ensuring a wide array of related legal compliances. He actively seeks to collaborate with faculty, students, and administration on academic projects associated with audio visual technology, media, and media services for teaching, learning and scholarship, as well as a number of Green AV initiatives, and is also charged with coordinating, directing, assigning, and assisting with design and installation of technology in various college learning spaces. He has served on the college's SAFE Sexual Assault Awareness Task Force since its inception, sits on the Academic Directors and Instructional Resources councils, and has participated in numerous co-curricular activity and advisement groups.

Swanson received his Bachelor of Arts from Westminster (Telecommunications) in 1988, and later completed his Elementary Education Teaching Certification in 2003.

For additional information about CCUMC, contact Audio Visual Services at avstaff@westminster.edu or (724) 946-7188 or see their website at ccumc.org

Contributed by Emily Moorhead, AV Public Relations Manager

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