Giant Interactive Tablet, Collaborative Software Impress Attendees at AV WEEK Event

Friday, October 18, 2013

A giant iPad-like device known as a Mondopad and an integrated software appliation called DisplayNote wowed those in attendance on Friday, October 18th, as part of Westminster's AV Week celebration.

Tom Beck from Troxell, along with DeWayne Segafredo from CL-Pugh teamed up to present the cutting edge technologies to students, faculty, and administrators of the college interested in tracking the ever-changing world of educational technology.

The Mondopad, a giant touch tablet, puts all the tools to visually present, capture, and share ideas with meeting participants in the room or around the world at one's fingertips. The large high definition flat panel currently comes in 55" and 70" models, with larger models coming soon. It has a multi-touch interactive surface made of gorilla glass and a flexible, expandable built in WiFi capable Windows PC that incorporates a digital interactive whiteboard with annotation abilities, business class video conferencing, full Microsoft Office compatibility, and the ability to share, view, and control from a tablet or smart phone. Anything that can run on a PC can be presented interactively through the Mondopad, and auxiliary connections allow the display to also incorporate other sources like media players or laptop computers. Whiteboard drawings and notes on visuals can be collected, saved, and emailed right from the device. The device also creates a local, secure wireless access point so guests in the room can easily deliver documents to the display.

DisplayNote software is intuitively designed to allow sharing of a PC or Mac screen with 40+ iPads, Android tablets, phones or computers. The software asks participants to join via a DisplayNote app. Once connected, everything done on screen is shown on the participants' screens, wirelessly. Audiences can capture a presentation or lesson on their device and personalize that content by adding their own notes, annotating and memos. Everything can be saved on the device to review later, and it allows an instructor to control real-time cross-platform collaboration in a classroom or meeting with little effort.

Combining the two technologies creates a highly collaborative mobile device that can be set up quickly.

"The idea of furthering education with this type of collaborative technology is a very promising idea for both our campus and education in general," said Brad Steward, Operations and Research & Development Technical Support manager for Audio Visual Services. "Seeing the two integrated together in a live setting brings to mind a lot of possibilities for educational applications across many disciplines."

Audience members participated in a live video conference with a DisplayNote representative in Belfast, Ireland and stayed afterward to ask further questions and get hands on time with the technology.

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Contributed by Savanna Adams, AV Assistant Public Relations Manager.

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The Mondopad is a giant iPad like device with additional capabilities.

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DisplayNote is a collaborative application that links up to 40 devices.

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Tom Beck of Troxell

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DeWayne SegaFredo of CL-Pugh

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