Lampless Projector debuts at Westminster's AV Week

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Audio Visual Services at Westminster College welcomed Don Rosenberger from Dobil Laboratories to campus to demonstrate two pieces of equipment that may in the future be classroom necessities. It was the fourth event scheduled as part of the annual AV Week festivities for the 2013-2014 school year. All events were free and open to the public and campus community.

Rosenberger, President of Pittsburgh based Dobil Laboratories, demonstrated Panasonic's new Lamp-free projection system which does not take a regular filament bulb but instead uses lazers and LED lights, presenting a number of advantages over traditional data projection systems.

"Few people realize that filament bulbs lose 20% of their total brightness over the first 100 hours of use," Rosenberger explained. "They then continue to fade at a slower rate over their lifespan, which typically is 1,500 to 2,000 hours. When they near their demise, they can look really dim, but most people try to squeeze all that they can out of them, because replacements can be quite expensive. This new lampless technology maintains a very consistant brightness and color output, and the lifespan is rated at 20,000 hours, which equates to about 10 years of maintenance free work if they're used 40 hours a week."

Rosenberger outlined for the audience that the lampless systems run quieter, have no filtration systems that require regular maintenance, and have advanced lens shift abilty. "They also turn on and off at a significanlty faster rate, about eight seconds, which educators repeatedly tell me is really important."

These new systems connect into AV systems over a single cat5 cable, quite a change over the nearly 2-inch bundle of cables that dangle from current systems, and a variety of new tools are integrated into these projectors to allow advanced control and in some cases, presenter annotation, similar to a "smart board" type device.

Rosenberger also detailed Creston's new AirMedia, a recently developed device that allows users to present wirelessly using laptops and mobile devices. AirMedia supports Windows® and OS X® computers, as well as Apple® iOS and Android™ mobile devices. Presenters using a Mac® or PC can connect to AirMedia without any special software installed, while iPad® and other mobile device users need only download the free AirMedia app from the iTunes® App Store or Google Play™.

The Crestron product is so new, that acquiring a demo unit was delayed, however Rosenberger is scheduling a return trip to Westminster in the coming weeks to provide a hands-on demonstration of AirMedia, coupled with Panasonic's short-throw annotation systems. Audio Visual will announce the date and time of that future event via campus email and their public Facebook page.

All AV WEEK events are free and open to the public.

For more information about lamp-free projectors, Crestron AirMedia, AV Week, or other presentation technology, please contact AV at or (724) 946-7188.

Contributed by Savanna Adams, AV Assistant Public Relations Manager.

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Don Rosenberger explains the benefits of advanced lens shift ability.

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Don Rosenberger, President of Dobil Laboratories.