Isler's Assists Scoring Aces Outside Westminster

Friday, September 20, 2013

AV staff member, Chelsey Isler, is spiking her way to the top in her new role at a local high school.

Isler is currently the Audio Visual Services Assistant Equipment Manager and a Criminal Justice Major at Westminster College. She plans to attend law school after college to pursue her goals of becoming a lawyer. In the meantime, Isler is building teamwork, teaching, and leadership skills that are helping her support education both at Westminster and as an assistant coach for Shenango High School's volleyball team.

The girls' team that she coaches in 7-0 overall as of right now, with 10 more games to go in the regular season. She hopes that they will advance further and continue to become better volleyball players than they were at the start.

"The girls are so much fun to be around," said Isler. "They're hardworking and dedicated on the court, but off the court we're always laughing or teasing someone about something - usually it's my height."

Isler believes that coupled with her major, AV has helped build her confidence and hone her leadership skills; invaluable qualities for someone charged with leading a youth volleyball team.

Through her work in AV, she has daily opportunities to practice her communication skills, manage multiple priorities, redirect adversity into motivation, train individuals on new technology, and demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in a team environment.

"Chelsey is tasked with learning hundreds of equipment items for AV, requiring  new learning techniques, perspectives, and time management skills," said Erin Sullivan, AV Operations and Equipment Circulation manager. "She is a quick learner, and very professional. She often needs to explain a concept or idea to a large group, requiring her to think on her feet and concisely communicate,"

"It all comes into play with my job as an assistant coach," Isler emphasized.

Working closely with the students, faculty and staff at Westminster College, Audio Visual student employees gain confidence, critical professional skills, and enhanced communication that enhances any future. All of this has helped Isler to mature as a person, an employee, and as a coach.

"The experience has been awesome," related Isler. "I had a great experience playing volleyball for 5 years at Shenango and I love being able to help give these girls that same experience. The team is extremely talented and I am excited to see where the rest of the season will take them."

Despite what might be a slight stature, Isler's determination has her standing tall in whatever role she undertakes, and the future appears bright for both her and her athletes.

For more information about Chelsey Isler or employment with AV, contact AV at or (724) 946-7188.

Contributed by Savanna Adams, AV Assistant Public Relations Manager.

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Chelsey Isler

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Coach Isler with her volleyball team.