College Media Arts Facility Nearing Completion

Monday, September 9, 2013

While the debris and contruction noises around the Audio Visual department have calmed down, work continues for Westminster College's new Media Arts facility, which will include a Mac lab, TV station, photo/video studio, and a printing lab. The new facility will help to expand and modernize the media arts and broadcast communications majors, as well as benefit the College.

"The Media Arts project has been a long time coming," said Andy Borts, Instructional Media Technician, who played an instrumental role in the project. "I think that using these modern facilities will aid students in experiencing what the "real world" jobs are offering in terms of innovation and technology."

Media arts professor Kurt Roscoe added that the renovation is more than just space and equipment. "As exciting as the new facilities and equipment, we are very excited about the new curriculum and faculty to teach the new courses," said Roscoe. "It is very much more than new walls and computers."

Although the entire project was expected to be completed before the beginning of classes, there have been a few delays. Currently, workers are putting the final touches on the Mac lab and classroom space, but the TV studio will not be complete until later in September, according to Borts.

"Although the TV studio area is a bit behind schedule, when it is completed it will certainly be a modern, useful facility," said Borts. "It's well worth the wait."

For more information about the media arts program at Westminster, see the departmental website.

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A gathering space with digital signage displays welcomes visitors into the new wing.

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A new computing lab is outfitted with high-end Macintosh computers.