AV Hires 5 New Team Members

Thursday, August 22, 2013

After an extensive interview process and many excellent applicants, Audio Visual Services is excited to welcome 5 new faces to the AV team.

  • Megan Andrews, freshman History major and daughter of Bill and Colleen Andrews from Allison Park, PA, joins the team as a Student Assistant.
  • Blake Dulick, sophomore Computer Information Systems major and son of Angie and David Dulick, is from Beaver Falls, PA and will serve as an AV Support Technician.
  • Andrew Henley, freshman History and Math double major and son of John and Mary Ann Henley from Edinburg, PA, has been hired as Assistant Media Library Technician.
  • Marshall Lee, freshman Business Administration major and son of Linda and Jerry Lee, comes from Sharpsville, PA, and has been hired as an AV Support Technician. 
  • Rebecca Tomson, junior Business Administration major and daughter of Stephen and Susan Tomson, hails from Jackson Center, PA and has been hired as an AV Support Technician.

Trombone player Megan Andrews has big dreams for her future occupation. "I hope to either become a curator at a museum, a historian writing books, or an environmental lawyer," said Megan. Megan plays in the Westminster College Marching Band and hopes to join more activities throughout her first year on campus. In her free time, she loves to read, sing, write, cook, and watch movies. Megan is excited to join AV because of the family atmosphere. "I can't wait to learn new things, meet new people, and have an awesome time with the staff!" exclaimed Megan.

Video game enthusiast Blake Dulick is eager to make an impact on campus. "I'm excited to contribute my talents toward something that will make a difference on the Westminster campus," said Blake.  "It will be nice to have a job that I'm hoping will help me develop personally and professionally, and network with professionals as my college career marches on." On campus, Blake is involved in Theta Chi fraternity and Student Alumni Association. In his free time, Blake plays video games, uses his computer, spends time with his fraternity brothers, and enjoys his aquariums and fish, including an electric catfish. When he grows up, Blake simply wants to be happy, comfortable, and enjoy life!

History buff Andrew Henley comes to Westminster ready to join the AV team. "I am excited to view the family atmosphere and work together to accomplish our tasks," said Andrew. Andrew hopes to one day become a museum curator. In his free time, Andrew plays piano, hangs out with friends, does genealogy research, and enjoys ice cream.  "I eat on average 120 scoops of Forbush ice cream each year," said Andrew.

Chess player Marshall Lee is already quite familiar with Westminster College. "Westminster is a beautiful campus that I had the privilege of visiting multiple times, and have taken a class in already, I've been so wrapped up with the place for so long the idea of going somewhere else never even crossed my mind," said Marshall.  Oddly enough, I got my first serious injury on the Westminster Campus. It was kind of a silly and embarrassing accident." Marshall's career goals include getting a sustainable job in a corporation so that one day he can start his own business. On campus, Marshall hopes to be involved in the Japanese Anime Club and the Gaming Guild. In his free time, Marshall plays chess, sketches, paints, and reads tarot cards. He is excited to join AV because of the newness of the department. "It's a new experience, one where I know I'll learn a lot of things and meet a lot of people," said Marshall.

Writer Rebecca Tomson joins the AV team from the outside looking in.  "I am super excited to join the AV team because I have been witness to the work they have done in the past and I know some of the people already a part of the team," said Rebecca. "This job opens up so many opportunities and I just know that it is going to be a lot of fun." Rebecca's long term goals include being an executive in a company, possibly starting her own business, and writing the next great novel. On campus, she is involved in Enactus, Campus Programing Council, and Sigma Tau Delta and in her free time, she enjoys riding her motorcycle, reading, and dancing like no one is watching.

Westminster College's Audio Visual department creates a fitting environment for personal growth, providing students the rare opportunity to earn money while enhancing critical marketing skills and providing professional services to the academic community, bettering students' college experience and fortifying them for future endeavors. For more information about AV Services and employment in the department, please contact director Gary Swanson at (724) 946-7188 or avstaff@westminster.edu.

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Megan Andrews

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Blake Dulick

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Andrew Henley

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Marshall Lee

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Rebecca Tomson