Inaugural Titan Terror Champ Hired by National Geographic

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alyssa Hanna, 2012 Westminster College Broadcast Communications graduate and the first Titan Terror Project winner, has been hired at National Geographic as Development/Production Coordinator. She supports three vice presidents in the programming and production department by working with the development of programs from the beginning of production to the time they air on National Geographic.

"I do the network side of the business, which means dealing with the treatments and proposals of upcoming shows, organizing with the production team, coordinating schedules, doing research, and other tasks," said Hanna. "It is always hectic because there are a million things to do, but so far, I really like working there."

Alyssa was the grand prize winner of the first Titan Terror Project in 2010 with her film Independent. She said that the experience she gained at Westminster and through experiences like the Titan Terror Project has helped her to be successful in her career.

"I think being organized is one of the biggest skills needed for this job, and Westminster College definitely helped me with that," Hanna confided. "Additionally, I was taught to always network with alumni and friends. I wouldn't have even heard about this job if I didn't do that."

Applying what she has learned in the field, Ms. Hanna tells filmmakers participating in Titan Terror Project 4 to perfect their videos and put 100% effort into their projects. "Be creative. If you don't think what you're doing is interesting, then neither will anyone else watching it. You have to love your own work. That goes everything you do, in any field."

The Titan Terror Project 4 is a short film contest and showcase, requiring a thrilling or mysterious mini-movie without the use of graphic violence and gore, challenging film makers to use a variety of film making tactics to create suspense that engages their audience. The contest entry is FREE and encouraged for filmmakers of all experience levels. Titan Terror 4 is open to residents of Lawrence and Mercer Counties, any middle and high school student in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and of course all Westminster faculty, staff and students. Applicants may use cell phones or any digital camera for their production. The undeadline is midnight Friday, September 28th. The online, electronic entry form can be found here. This year's showcase will be held Tuesday, October 15th at 12:45 pm in Westminster's Mueller Theater.

For more information about Titan Terror Project, contact Audio Visual Services by email at or by phone at (724) 946-7188.

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Alyssa Hanna

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Entries now accepted for TITAN TERROR 4!