New AVAC Officers Plan Greater Outreach

Friday, April 19, 2013

Westminster Audio Visual Services is pleased to welcome four new recently elected Audio Visual Alumni Council (AVAC) officers who are excited to serve past and present AV workers. The newly elected officers are as follows:

  • BJ Sieg ('06),  President
  • Rachael Hoffman ('11),  Vice President
  • Erin Schuetz (Anderson '96),  Treasurer and Alumni Coordinator
  • Kate Altman ('11),  Secretary 

Emily Moorhead ('14), current AV Assistant Public Relations manager, was appointed Student Liaison for the group.

Since its founding in 2009, the AVAC has played a very important role in maintaining communication between the department and its alumni, helping with departmental events, developing an annual alumni newsletter, and assisting with the coordination of networking opportunities for over twenty years of AV alumni and current student employees.

The newly-elected officers are excited to continue projects put in place by the outgoing slate and are anxious to create new projects and programs as they move forward.

New AVAC President William "BJ" Sieg expressed his interest in continuing and improving the annual alumni tailgate during Homecoming. "The event has had excellent attendance, and recently expanded to include a chili cook-off, benefitting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation," noted Sieg. New Vice President Rachael Hoffman agreed, adding that the event greatly improves Audio Visual visibility on campus. "I would also like to work on increasing communication among alumni as well as current AV staff members," said Hoffman. "This might occur through additional informal get-togethers, a more formal system for ‘matching up' AV staff based on career interests, and perhaps an increased presence on social media sites like LinkedIn.  If the AVAC provides the structure for this, I think some great opportunities could come out of it, both for alumni and current staff."

The four new elected officers were quick to mention how their experience in AV has helped them in their current occupations. Extensive training and growth occurs during a staff member's time in AV, and often, this valuable knowledge comes into play throughout a lifetime.

As Outreach and Technology Manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Bureau of Aviation, Sieg frequently puts his audio visual knowledge to good use when doing troubleshooting for IT.

Altman, who is employed at Westminster as Cataloguing Technical Services Assistant, met many of her co-workers during her employment at AV and also uses the same research skills and software in her new position as she once did for AV.

Schuetz, who is the Director of Student Orientation Acclimation and Retention at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, uses her AV knowledge daily by practicing great customer service with students, faculty, staff and administration.

Hoffman wears many hats as the Research Developer at Psychology Software Tools, Graduate Assistant for the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate, and School Psychology PhD student at Duquesne University. AV enhanced her knowledge to work effectively in a team and provide user-friendly instructions to the public.

Audio Visual Services is committed to supporting its employees throughout their college careers and after graduation. The AVAC assists current and former staff by coordinating valuable networking opportunities and has consistently assisted staff in making career connections with alumni.

"These are fabulous, caring people who did so much for the college in their time here," said AV Director Gary Swanson. "Their want to do more, particularly for those who have come through our department is impressive. I'm really excited to watch them build upon the foundation of their predecessors."

Schuetz reiterated her enthusiasm to give back to the campus community.  "I feel, working to strengthen the ties and give back to your alma mater, or anything that has had a major influence on your life, is so important.  I seize this opportunity to strengthen my ties to our mother fair, Westminster."

For more information, please contact AV Director, Gary Swanson, at (724) 946-7188 or

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New officers Sieg, Hoffman, Schuetz, Altman and Moorhead.