Call for 2013 AV Award nominations

Friday, April 5, 2013

In 1999, Audio Visual Services created the Audio Visual Award to provide public recognition of the exceptional work being provided to the campus through Audio Visual's work study students. An annual ballot of nominees is reviewed by a panel of current employees, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni of the college and one individual's work is selected as "most outstanding."
Each year's winner is announced prior to the start of spring finals. Their name will be added to a special plaque in the AV office, plus she or he will receive a special framed certificate award signed by the Westminster College President, Dean of Academic Affairs, the Director and the Assistant Director of Audio Visual Services, along with a gift certificate from the college bookstore.
We take tremendous pride in these individuals and their accomplishments, and applaud their contributions to the overall heritage of this office and Westminster College.
** If you have had the pleasure of working or interacting with one of these students through AV and wish to recognize their hard work and dedication to Westminster College, please take a moment to nominate them for this award. (Deadline is 4/19/13.)
You can complete an online nomination form here.
(Current staff members can be seen here and are also linked to the nomination form. Only students are eligible for this award.)

Previous AV AWARD winners:
1999 Ted Haynes
2000 Erik Robbins
2001 Bobby Fisher
2002 Megan Clark Young
2003 Megan Clark Young
2004 Daniela DiRupo Covert
2005 Sarah Spardy
2006 Betsy Nolan Sieg
2007 Betsy Nolan Sieg
2008 Katie Hilliard
2009 Heather MacKenzie
2010 Andrew Borts
2011 Rachael Hoffman
2012 Kelly D. Matune

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