AV Support Technician on Production Crew of Local Film

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stephen Bendig, Support Technician at Westminster Audio Visual Services, was a part of the production team for the professional short film Likewise, directed by '99 Westminster alum Ted Haynes, and produced by Confluence Productions in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Bendig is a Sophomore Broadcast Communications major from Greenville, PA.

"I was a P-A, Production Assistant (PA). I sat in for people if they were trying to set up a shot, helped set up different props properly and make adjustments, and gave cues to people who were out of the shot," Bendig elaborated.

Bendig and Joe Ligo, a Westminster College Broadcast Communications major and producer of Likewise, originally networked with Haynes and his business partner, Michael Smith, the owners of Confluence Productions, during the AV Week 2012 presentation "Building a Business from the Ground, Up: Aligning Yourself for Success Now!" Ligo collaborated with Confluence Productions on the project, and invited Bendig to be a part of making this short film. You can read more about Confluence Productions on Facebook or at www.confluenceproductions.com.

Likewise is a short film about "the one who got away." The filming that Bendig was a part of took the entirety of one day, beginning around 9 in the morning and ending around 7 at night. Through this experience, Bendig was able to network with others who were involved in the production process, many of which were Westminster College graduates.

"In downtime, these alumni told me about some of the upcoming projects they had and said they would keep in touch. I made a lot of really good connections," said Bendig. "In fact, I found out through one of the other PAs about a ton of opportunities coming up, including one in the approaching Captain America movie."

Producing movies of any kind has been a lifetime dream of Bendig's, starting in his high school days when he and his classmates spent their spare time making amateur films. He was honored this past October with the "Audience Choice" award for his short film "Tulpa" at the Titan Terror Showcase.

Bendig is a son of Matthew and Natalie Bendig and a graduate of Greenville High School.

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AV Support Technician Stephen Bendig

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Ted Haynes speaks at the premeire of LIKEWISE, with Matthew Bright, Joe Ligo and John Benham IV.