New Faces Welcomed to AV Team

Monday, February 18, 2013

Audio Visual Services is thrilled to welcome four new staff members to the department. With the anticipated graduation of four seniors in the spring, these new staff members will fill the roles of student assistant. Welcome to the family, ladies!

  • Savanna Adams, freshman Public Relations major and daughter of Joseph and Tracie Adams, comes from Brookfield, Ohio.
  • Chelsey Isler, sophomore Criminal Justice and Psychology major and daughter of Katrina Isler, comes from New Castle, Pennsylvania.
  • Amanda Muraca, freshman Accounting major and daughter of Anthony and Sharon Muraca, comes from New Castle, Pennsylvania.
  • Danielle Vance, sophomore English major and daughter of Joanne and Steve Vance, comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Art and music enthusiast Savanna was attracted to the AV position because she wanted to gain professional knowledge while still in college.  "I thought that this would be a good opportunity to gain some skills and meet more great people," said Savanna. In her free time, Savanna enjoys going to concerts, doing crafty projects, hanging out with her brother, Reed, and singing karaoke with her friends.

Volleyball player Chelsey applied to AV because she liked the family environment of the office. "I like learning new things and meeting new people!" said Chelsey. Around campus, she is involved in Allies and Sociology Interest Group. In her free time, Chelsey likes to listen to music, watch Grey's Anatomy, and play volleyball.

Shopaholic Amanda became interested in AV because she wanted to try something new. "My position in AV gives me the chance to learn about technology and business in many applicable ways," said Amanda. Amanda's on campus activities include being a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and she enjoys spending time with her sorority sisters, friends, and family.

Animal lover Danielle became interested in AV through Green AV programming and initiatives. "I really care for the environment, and Green AV is the chance for me to give back to the earth and gain some professional experience at the same time," she said. On campus, Danielle is involved with Food Advisory Council and Westminster Phonathon. A self-proclaimed "nerd," Danielle likes to play videogames and is interested in wizards and dragons. Her favorite animals are otters and puppies.

"The quality and volume of applicants improves with each passing semester, and the pool we had for our most recent openings was particularly impressive," AV Director Gary Swanson explained. "We utilize an intensive screening process to ensure we are getting the best people into these positions, and are very excited about the specializations and skills these four bring to our team."

As each progresses through the introductory Student Assistant position, they will be placed into an individual managerial track that will train them more specifically in Equipment Circulation, Media Library, Public Relations, Purchasing, or Technical Support.

Westminster College's Audio Visual department creates a fitting environment for personal growth and valuable experience, providing students the rare opportunity to earn money while enhancing critical marketing skills and providing professional services to the academic community, bettering students' college experience and fortifying them for future endeavors

For more information, contact AV Services by phone at (724) 946-7188 or by email at

Written by Emily Moorhead, AV Assistant PR Manager.

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Savanna Adams

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Chelsey Isler

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Amanda Muraca

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Danielle Vance