AV ALUMS: Where are they now?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gabrielle (Buckley, '01) Dean, former Westminster College Audio Visual Services staff member, was recently promoted to Classroom Services Manager for the Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education (CIDDE) at the University of Pittsburgh.

Gabe's daily duties include providing audio visual equipment, offering technical support, and scheduling services for instructional purposes at the University. Similar to Westminster, her department provides training for technology-equipped classrooms and equipment for those rooms which have no technology installed. They also provide lecture capture recording services that cover a wide range of skill levels.  Gabe is responsible for the professional development and oversight of 5 full-time staff members and 20 student employees.

"I don't do this alone," said Gabe. "Every day is a challenge, and every day we meet that challenge."

Westminster College and Audio Visual Services helped prepare Gabe to enter and succeed in her career. "At the time I was a student at Westminster, I had no idea where I wanted to be career-wise.  I developed some technical know-how from my studies in my Broadcast Communications major that helped me to secure a job in my field after graduation. Working in the AV office helped me to inch out of my comfort zones and improve my skill sets both professionally and personally," she said.   "Working with AV Director Gary Swanson and the students taught me more about how to deal with people successfully, how to build respect and professional relationships better than anything else I have found since.  I use the advice Gary gave me (and continues to give me) on a daily basis as I help my students to succeed in their college lives."

An admitted "AV geek for life," she regularly returns to the Westminster campus for visits and events like the annual AVAC homecoming tailgate.

Ms. Dean, a graduate of Union Area High School, encouraged others to investigate a career in the dynamic $75 billion Audio Visual industry. "Many people find this work to be surprisingly rewarding once they get into it.  The gadgets are everywhere, which is a great perk.  Anyone can get the information about the equipment, but people wanting to get into this field should be very willing to help others, to adapt on a constant basis, to think big and to prepare for the future by being aware of what tech is coming out but only endorsing what you know works well."

Regardless of career choice, Ms. Dean had a list of strategies she learned during her employment in AV that lead to success. "Work hard, be creative, laugh all day long, ask for help even if you don't want it,and no matter what you want to do, always be honest."
Pittsburgh has become Gabe's home, where she shares the joys of life with her daughter, Raven, and husband, Chuck.

Relationships and camaraderie are a core focus of the AV department, supported by its ongoing communication with AV Alumni regarding information about their lives and families, AV news, and new staff members. Watch for future installments of "Where Are They Now" on the AV website and Facebook pages.

Written by Emily Moorhead, Assistant Public Relations Manager

Gabe (Buckley, '01) Dean

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Gabe with husband Chuck and daughter Raven.