Open-Ended Response Clickers Debut at Westminster

Monday, December 10, 2012

Audio Visual Services has added open-ended audience response clickers to its repertoire of circulating equipment. This innovative classroom tool engages the audience by allowing them to answer various open-ended questions anonymously, providing data and answers which can be used for grading and survey results.
Westminster College AV Instructional Media Technologist Andy Borts suggested several uses for the open-ended clickers. "The clickers can be used for short quizzes or tests and students will receive their grades immediately upon completion.
If a professor is showing a PowerPoint, website, or other form of content, and they want to make sure their students are paying attention, they can toss a question in on the fly and have their students instantly record their answers on the open-ended clickers, similar to how they might send a text message on their phone."

Borts said the units, from local company Turning Technologies, are quite flexible. Say for example, that students are in a mixed group of first years and juniors. Using the clickers, the professor can separate their answers anonymously and see if both groups of students understand the material equally.

In the past, the audience response clickers have been used for other projects. "Math classes have utilized these clickers for the numeric response feature; the students can work out math problems and type their solution into the clicker," said Borts. "We have also seen these used for review sessions before exams, competitions and games, and simple anonymous polling about various topics."
Many professors have asked about purchasing clicker kits since they have been introduced at Westminster. Currently, Audio Visual is investigating a bookstore purchase program that would allow a student to purchase a clicker and use it for the entire duration of their education at Westminster. Because all of the Smart Classroom computers are equipped with TurningPoint, the software that the clickers use, these tools can be easily integrated into any Westminster smart classroom.
If interested in learning more about the open-ended clickers or being trained on how to use them, contact Audio Visual services by phone at (724) 946-7188 or by email at

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