AV Staff Members Present at Symposium on the Environment

Friday, December 21, 2012

Three Audio Visual Services staff members represented Green AV by participating in the Student Symposium on the Environment on December 6, 2012 in the Witherspoon Rooms in McKelvey Campus Center.

The Student Symposium on the Environment is held annually to showcase efforts regarding environmental study such as research, volunteer work, or art. The Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition, professors, students, and members of the community gather to view poster and oral presentations.

Emily Martin, Assistant Media Library Manager, Emily Moorhead, Assistant Public Relations Manager, and Erin Sullivan, Assistant Equipment Circulation Manager presented "Taking E-Waste Off the Curb at Westminster." This presentation described the combined efforts of Physical Plant, Chemical Hygiene, Informational Systems, and Audio Visual Services to draft a campus policy regarding the PA Covered Device Act, which comes into full effect January 1, 2013.

Pennsylvania's Covered Device Recycling Act, passed in November 2010, includes a disposal ban that prohibits landfills from accepting desktop and laptop computers, their components, and televisions after January 2013. As a result, these devices will no longer be eligible for pickup by municipal waste services. The Green AV presentation addressed this law and explained Westminster's new policy on e-waste.

"People just will not recycle if it is not convenient," said Assistant Equipment Circulation Manager and Environmental Science major Erin Sullivan. "The new e-waste policy makes it convenient for the campus to responsibly recycle electronic materials. We are confident that this strategy will make our campus more environmentally friendly."

Physical plant will be collecting around the campus and collection sites will be available in residence halls for e-waste from students. Green AV will continue its efforts to be an example to Westminster by maintaining battery recycling bins in dorms and academic buildings, repurposing used equipment, being responsible in office habits, offering consumer advice, and using wattage counters.

Corey Pelkofer, Green AV member and Support Technician said he is really excited about Westminster's responsible position on e-recycling. "As an academic establishment, Westminster goes through tons of outdated electronics per year," said Pelkofer. "With this new policy, we will be able to responsibly recycle e-waste and protect the environment from harmful chemicals."

As a part of the presentation, Green AV members displayed their PowerPoint on a television, handed out posters and pamphlets, and showed the newly created recycling database on an iPad. They also answered questions from faculty, students, and members of the community regarding the PA Covered Device Act and Westminster's new policy.

The next E-recycling drive will be held on April 20, 2013 from 9am until 12pm at the Westminster College Hoyt Loading Dock. For more information regarding e-waste, contact Audio Visual Services by phone at (724)-946-7188 or by email at avstaff@westminster.edu.

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Erin Sullivan

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Emily Moorhead

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Emily Martin