"Clicker" Response System Vendor Releases FREE Software Upgrade

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Turning Technologies, maker of the audience response systems currently used at Westminster, have released a software update that brings their many offerings under one application.

"I demonstrated the new software during the fall faculty workshop, and  really like it," said Instuctional Media Technician Andy Borts. "You don't have to jump around to 4 different applications anymore. All of the features are essentially available in one window."

As often occurs, those that haven't upgraded their presentations to the new software may run into some snags when trying to use older versions on campus smart classroom machines.

"I had a presentation that I did last year using TurningPoint 2008, and I was able to open it in TurningPoint 5, but I got a message that said if I opened the presentation in TurningPoint 5, it would no longer work with the old software," Borts said.  "That was the only kind of error message I got, but I found that I also had to redo my charts as well. We understand that Turning Point is working to address this minor bug to help transition to the new software."

For those using the software in Westminster Smart Classrooms, please note that the new Patterson classroom computers have the new TurningPoint 5 software, whereas all the other Smart Classroom machines have TurningPoint 2008 and TurningPoint 5,  Eventually, though, TurningPoint 2008 will be removed from the other Smart Classroom machines, so updating to the new software is strongly encouraged. The software is a free download, available at the Turning Technologies website.

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